Auditing services for foreign company in Vietnam.

We provide independent audit services designed to help foreign businesses enhance the integrity and reliability of their financial information for the company to operate honestly, accurately, safely and ensure that it always complies with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

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Auditing services

If your business is a foreign one, the finance department does not understand deeply Vietnam Auditing regulations, what should you do with the following needs:

  • In need of using an audit service at a reasonable price but must ensure quality;
  • Look forward to using experts to detect errors and/or frauds in the accounting system and financial statements of the business or its partners
  • Expect for experts who can give independent and insightful views on your internal control system, thereby suggesting reasonable improvements;
  • In demand of ensuring that the financial statements are submitted on time as required by the state and/or the headquarters;
  • Desire to have the Audited Report presented according to International Standards IFRS, US GAP
  • Have a vision of exactly the tax risks your business might face;
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Essential Information.

A. Our audit services offers

Warren B always understand the scope of audit services at the request of customers and is committed to providing services in a well-timed and effective manner, consistent with the time frame proposed by them. Our services include:

  • Understanding the clients and their operating environment;
  • Study accounting policies and business processes;
  • Analyze the financial statements;
  • Audit financial statements according to Vietnamese and International accounting standards
  • Prepare Consolidated financial report;
  • Financial statements according to International standards.
  • Examine for special purposes;
  • Evaluate internal control system and fraud risk;
  • Witness the checking of money, inventory, and fixed assets at the time of preparing financial statements;
  • Send letters confirming the balance of important items;
  • Check accounting books and evidence at the clients’ place;
  • Communicate with the clients about the limitations and shortcomings of the accounting and internal control systems to improve the efficiency of business operations of the clients;
  • Provide audit opinions and issuing audit reports.
  • Survey the quality of annual auditing services to continuously improve the capacity of Warren B.
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B. How long does the service take?

Depend on the scope of work and responses and cooperation from the customer (including stakeholders such as suppliers/ customers/ lenders/ investors), it will take within 3 – 5 weeks for us to finish services in most cases.

For urgent circumstances, we may apply particular processes and resources together with active cooperation from customers.

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Why should you choose Warren B’s auditing services in Vietnam?

1. Professional team

Combining highly qualified members with expertise in Audit law in Vietnam and abundant various practical experience to help clients achieve the highest efficiency. 

2. Diverse advice

Offering consultant activities on accounting, tax, internal control, free provision of current regulations updates in the form of electronic newsletters. 

3. Quick process

Detect and correct errors in financial statements and tax reports in time. 

4. Competitive cost

Provide services at affordable prices, discuss costs with transparency before signing the service contract, and do not charge additional fees. 

5. Hight security

Appreciate the importance of security by building a closed system to uphold the client’s trust. 

6. Good customer service

24/7 multi-channel support (messenger, phone, email) with friendly, professional performance and high sense of responsibility.

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