How to change your IRC and ERC in Vietnam.

One of the most necessary certificates for investment in Vietnam is the Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) and Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC).

If you need to change your Investment Registration Certificate or Enterprise Registration Certificate, you can. Warren B is here to help you!

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Essential Information.

A. Investment registration certificate (IRC)

IRC is a paper or digital document acknowledging all information on an invemstment project registered by an investor. It is also a compulsory certificate for foreign investors when they hold 51% or more of charter capital in the registered project.

Information can be amended when adjusting the Investment Registration Certificate:

  • Change the investor information;
  • Change the business information;
  • Change the investment project information relating to objectives, scale;
  • Change the location of investment project implementation;
  • Change the investment form;
  • Change the investment capital;
  • Change the time limit for implementing the investment project;

When enterprises adjust the information of the Investment Certificate, they shall change the relevant information in the Business Registration Certificate.

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B. Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC)

ERC is a hard-copy or soft-copy document which can be seen as proof showing your business is officially formed in Vietnam with approval from the government.

Information can be amended when adjusting the Investment Registration Certificate:

  • Changing investor’s information,
  • Transferring capital to other investors,
  • Name of project,
  • Objective of project scale,
  • Change investment capital,
  • Project duration;
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Type of enterprise
  • Business line
  • Regulation capital
  • Legal representative
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Adjustment of the IRC and ERC services at Warren B:

  • Warren B consult customers about conditions, dossier and the procedures for adjustment of the IRC and ERC;
  • Prepare a dossier for customers with the information provided by customers;
  • Represent for customers when performing the procedures for adjustment of the IRC and ERC at the state-authorized bodies;
  • Supervise the handling process of the state-authorized bodies, explain to the state-authorized bodies about any problem relevant to the dossier;
  • Provide enterprise guidelines for legal procedures incurred after the adjustment;
  • Consult about issuance or adjustment of the sub-licenses after adjusting the IRC and ERC;
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