Vietnam Temporary Residence Card Service.

Work permits and Temporary Residence Card (TRC) are one of the most important documents for a foreigner to live legally and work in Vietnam. If the work permit is necessary to legally work, the temporary residence card is the required condition for staying in Vietnam from 1 to 5 years.

TRC can be considered as a long-term visa. The foreigners who are granted TRC are eligible to do business, buy houses, or get married in Vietnam.

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Essential Information.

Who can apply for temporary residence card?
  • Investor to a company in Vietnam
  • Individuals employed by a company in Vietnam
  • Others
  • The regulations of TRC can change over time
  • Lack full information sources which give the best guide for their cases
  • Meet more difficulties than they presume because of the complicated procedure and requirements

But with Warren B, all these matters will be settled and all steps in this process have never been easier.

Using our services, you will experience 5 steps as below:

  • Step 1: Counsel, answer, and guide customers to prepare necessary papers and documents to be granted temporary residence card as Vietnamese law
  • Step 2: Receive documents from the customer; check and evaluate the application to ensure the logic of the documents, and provide additional advice to the customers in case they need
  • Step 3: Complete the procedure for temporary residence
  • Step 4: Representative of clients submits application for temporary residence card at Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security
  • Step 5: Keep track of the approval process, receive the results and deliver the temporary residence card to the customer’s address.

Timeline: 5-7 working days upon receipt of full required documents

  • Business license and Investment license of the company
  • Registration of local temporary residence with the seal of the Commune Police
  • Passport
  • Valid Visa with the right purpose of immigration
  • Work Permit or evidence of business investors
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Let us help you

Why should you choose Warren B for temporary residence card services?

Warren B is proud to be one of the professional temporary residence card service providers in Vietnam and we get a stable foothold in Vietnam by outstanding advantages below:

  • Counsel and support successfully grating TRC for many foreigners in Vietnam
  • A team of consultants who are experts in law, multi-language, professional, reliable, and enthusiastic. We always listen and afford to give the best solution.
  • Be quick and accurate in handle all documents, even difficult and incomplete ones.
  • 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email.
  • Clear fees. All the costs will be communicated with you in advance, nothing charged afterward.
  • Return results on time
  • Good customer care

So, no matter where are you now, contact us for the best advice to save your time and money and enhance your work efficiency.

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