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Adding business lines – An important step to develop your individual business household

An individual business household is a common form of business for many individuals or households [...]

Distinguishing Aesthetic Clinics & Specialized Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

In today’s era, with the robust development of the beauty industry, the demand for enhancing [...]

Setting Up a Social Enterprise in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide by Warren B

Setting up a social enterprise is a unique journey that blends business acumen with a [...]

Setting up a company in Vietnam – 6 regulations foreign investors must know

When setting up a company in Vietnam (“Foreign Invested Company”), Foreign Investors become aware of [...]


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Open a Company in Vietnam

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to tap into the dynamic business market in Vietnam? [...]


Investor Approval Procedures from 2023

Investor approval procedures are of interest to many individuals and organizations in the context of [...]

The conditions for establishing a labor export company in 2023

Establishing a labor export company is a multi-step process because labor export is a conditional [...]

Opening a Food Business in Vietnam: Conditions and Procedures

Opening a Food Business in Vietnam involves more conditions than conventional business models. It can [...]

Establishing a Language Training Company in Vietnam

The process and procedures for Establishing a Language Training Company in Vietnam have gained attention [...]

Establishing a Labor Export Company in Vietnam in 2023

The establishment of a labor export company involves a multi-step process due to the fact [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Company in Vietnam for Foreigners

Are you a foreigner who wants to tap into the potential and opportunities of the [...]

The Digital Office Solutions Market in Vietnam: Opportunities for Foreign Players

Vietnam is a promising market for digital office solutions, as more and more businesses seek [...]

Tax Obligations for Non-Resident Property Owners in Vietnam: A Guide for Foreign Entrepreneurs

If you are a foreign entrepreneur living abroad and considering establishing a business in Vietnam, [...]

Vietnam Company Registration Number Format: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Vietnam Company Registration Number Format is crucial for entrepreneurs and business owners. In this [...]

VAT Refund for Companies in Vietnam

What are VAT Refunds? Quick Summary of VAT in Vietnam In Vietnam, VAT is regulated [...]

Vietnam approves socio-economic development plan for 2023

On Thursday, the 15th National Assembly (NA) of Vietnam, the country’s highest legislative body, approved [...]

Unsure about Types of Business in Vietnam?

Here’s some good news for investors and foreign companies looking to start a business in [...]

Why Should You Invest in Vietnam’s Information Technology Sector?

While the rest of the globe has been in turmoil, Vietnam has been improving. When [...]

What do foreign investors need when opening a bank account in Vietnam?

Among the first difficulties when visiting any country is financial management. Therefore, opening a bank [...]

Import and Export Duties in Vietnam

Import and export taxes are relatively typical taxes in the tax system of each country. [...]

Corporate Income Tax in Vietnam (CIT)

While foreign investors do business in Vietnam, tax is an issue that needs the most [...]

Regulations on contributed assets when setting up a company in Vietnam

During the establishment of an enterprise or in the course of its operation, in order [...]

Changing Company Types in Vietnam

During these difficult economic times due to covid 19. It is a real challenge for [...]

What is the Single-member limited liability company in Vietnam? Provisions of capital contribution, rights and obligations of company’s owner

Currently, the establishment of a single-member limited liability company in Vietnam is becoming a trend [...]

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