[Podcast 1] Forms of business organization in Viet Nam

[Podcast 1] Forms of business organization in Viet Nam

Warren B is pleased to have a chance to collaborate with Vinh Ho from Focus Asia – Pacific to create a podcast series regarding Business registration in Vietnam.

Forms of business organization

[Podcast 1] Forms of business organization

Business Forms In Vietnam is the first podcast in this series and it will help investors to grab the main features of different business forms in Vietnam so that they could make their best decision building their future companies.
Some information about Vinh, he is a location independent entrepreneur based in Saigon, Vietnam. Originally from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota USA, his background includes supply chain, manufacturing, import-export, and e-commerce, specializing in Asia, specifically China and Vietnam.
To learn more about what Vinh is doing, please visit Focus Asia – Pacific: https://www.focusasiapacific.com

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