All population expected to own QR codes in 2025

All population expected to own QR codes in 2025

On June 15, 2021, the Prime Minister issues the Decision No. 942/QD-TTgon approval of the Strategy for development of the e-Government towards the digital Government for the period of 2021-2025 with vision to 2030.

In this Decision, several goals must be met by 2025 as follows:

– Every citizen has a token together with a QR code, and gradually owns a smart phone.   Every family household has a digital address and is capable of making broadband internet connection.

All population expected to own QR codes in 2025

-Each citizen is entitled to live in a secure, peaceful and private environment on the protected digital environment as prescribed by law.

– Every farmer has the ability to effectively access, use the digital agricultural data platform, the origin traceability platform, reducing the dependence on the intermediary activities during the process of production and distribution process.

– Each citizen holds a personal digital health profile. Each health station at a commune will manage their operations on the digital environment.

Each healthcare establishment can provide outreach medical examination and treatment services based on actual demands.

Simultaneously, each public hospital and medical center uses electronic medical profiles, non-cash payment of medical costs and electronic prescriptions, etc.

The Decision No. 942/QD-TTg is set to take effect as of the signature date.

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